​"Marie-Paule is the greatest.  I have never received a better hair style!  The salon at dk Salon is really beautiful and the staff are friendly and professional."

Teresa Sanders

Ellicott City, MD


dk Salon and Spa

5701 Newbury Street

Baltimore, MD  21209


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“Hair coloring is delicately balanced between art and science, and sensitivity is paramount to achieve the best results consistently.  You always have to be on your game.”  


When Kevin began his career in 1988, from the outset he knew he had a talent for specializing in color only – and as he says, he “never looked back.”  His first position was in a business renowned for hair color, thus enabling him every day to hone his natural skills and preferences with the best in the field.  The concentration on this aspect of the salon business has been essential in his growth, creativity and knowledge.


Kevin's approach to color is very basic and quite simple - know the 3 primary colors and the ways in which they relate and affect one another.  Kevin’s other important adage is ‘Communication 101’ – “make sure that what is being communicated is the same thing that is being understood.”  Paying close attention to these values has guaranteed a successful career for

Kevin, who has been rewarded with many clients who have been with him from the beginning, resulting in a very personal relationship and the pleasure of getting to know so many fantastic people!